Auburn grad opens bakery downtown

Originating in Seattle, Wash., Cakeitecture has now made its way to Auburn. Cakeitecture Bakery is a small bakery located in the downtown Auburn area. The bakery opened its doors in August of 2015 and was the first licensed bakery in the city of Auburn, which means that they are licensed to use the Auburn University trademarks on their cakes and that a portion of the money that they make goes back to the general scholarship fund for the university.

Owner Carie Tindill received an undergraduate degree in architecture from Auburn University as well as a masters in construction management. Tindill and her husband moved to Seattle in 2010 due to a job offer that her husband received. This was right around the time that the economy tanked and Tindill was unable to find a job even with her degrees. She then decided she wanted to take it upon herself to make money by doing something that she enjoyed.

“I had been making cakes for friends every once in a while for special occasions but nothing more until I took the next step,” Tindill said.

Her favorite thing to make is her grandma’s chocolate cake recipe, and she loves doing sculpted cakes.

Working closely with Tindill is Pacific Northwest native Kelly Oslick. Oslick received an art degree from The Evergreen State College in 2014. Surprisingly enough, their relationship was born because Oslick was a student of Tindill’s husband while in school. Oslick loves their signature strawberry cream cheese cake, and she especially loves when she gets to paint on cakes.

Tindill and family moved back to Auburn after five years. Oslick and her boyfriend began a new adventure and moved down to Auburn as well. Tindill 100 percent credited her bakery name “Cakeitecture” to Linda Ruth, wife of Auburn’s “Rural studios” founder, DK Ruth.

The hopes are to expand Cakeitecture as soon as possible. They are receiving so much business that Tindill is worried they will quickly outgrow the space.

“The next step is to probably hire more employees because we have room to do that right now and there is so much to be done,” she said.

Tindill and Oslick are true believers that people should “dream big” and that “there’s nothing that can’t be done” whether it’s regarding a vision for your cake or your personal dreams.

Cakeitecture Bakery is located at 114 West Magnolia Ave., Suite E. Follow Cakeitecture on its journey at

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