Conquer Senioritis

Senioritis. The dreaded thing that we all fear will kick in during the spring, or sometimes the fall semester, of senior year. Senioritis is defined as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” So, the idea is that seniors become less motivated and begin to slack and produce less than 100 percent work.

I myself, although still producing the best work I can, am struggling from Senioritis. We have three weeks left and it feels like the world is about to end. I have so much to do and am so overwhelmed. At this point, graduation in 26 days seems unimaginably impossible. The question is, what should I do to help motivate and keep myself on track?
Below are some suggestions I have that will help you fight senioritis.

1. Start your job hunt early
Senior year is an extremely busy year that is often times pressed for time. That being said, it is important to start your job search as early as possible. It is never too soon to start looking. What I did to successfully land a job before the month of April was I started looking early. At the beginning of my senior year, I began to do research on potential employers in the area that I planned to move to. I reached out to over 30 businesses to get the word out that I would be graduating, relocating and ready to work. I did get plenty of responses implying that the answer was no and plenty never responded. However, I also had at least 8-10 companies show interest in me after my initial introduction. That goes to show that you cannot get discouraged when someone sends you a not so glamorous response. You just have to keep trying! After that, I continued to follow up with the people who showed interest. I followed them on social and sent them messages at major marks in the semester. I never let them forget about me and that I would be in touch soon for possible employment. Consistency and persistence are important. That being said, I got job interviews and offers from two companies that I had followed for about six months, and I landed my first job!

2. Planning
The amount of work that has to be done during senior years is super overwhelming. It is a year where professors expect a lot from you, especially in your last semester. They expect you to be extremely independent and assign you tasks that have to be completed on your own by a certain deadline. Planning is so important in this process. If you have gone through all of your years of schooling without a planner, I suggest you get one now. It is pertinent that you set deadlines for yourself because often times there is a huge project or a number of assignments all due on the last day of class and that is the only instruction that you get. So, set deadlines in your planner that say, “Okay I will have task A done by this day that way I will have plenty of time to diligently do task B.” It is so, so easy to fall behind senior year due to lack of motivation, but the fact is you still have to make it to graduation.

3. Taking care of yourself
Taking care of yourself is important at every stage of your life and especially at this one. The second semester of senior year will wear you out and stress you out and unless you are properly taking care of yourself, you will have a hard time coping. You need to make sure that you are eating well, sleeping the appropriate amount of hours and exercising as you would normally. These things all help with your stress levels and rejuvenate you to help you keep on going.

4. Embrace the time you have left
One of the absolute best things you can do during this year is to allow some time to embrace your past four (or however many) years you have attended this beautiful university. Don’t let your last few months slip by you while worrying about what is to come, because the next thing you know you will be done and gone and college will be in your past. Reminisce and go to all the places you love in your college town. Spend some last moments on the beautiful campus that you have been blessed to go to. You do not want to leave college and look back feeling as if you didn’t spend your time the best way possible.

I hope that these things will help you manage your last few months of college!

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