Spring Time Hangouts

Students that attend Auburn are truly blessed with such a beautiful campus and city. Walking around campus and seeing and admiring the beauty can provide such a good feeling.
As my time in Auburn rapidly comes to a close, I realize that I have discovered a few awesome spots where students can spend some time in the spring embracing the beauty and outdoors. I feel that these spots are must-know spots for incoming Auburn students and for those who still have some time left here.

1. Ag Heritage Park
Ag Heritage Park is a beautiful area located close to the athletic complex on Auburn’s campus. This area contains a big red barn and a giant pond. It is a great place to walk your dog, fish, play Frisbee, etc. Anything that would be fun to do on a beautiful day can be done at Ag Heritage Park.

2. Samford Hall Lawn
Samford Hall is a building in the heart of Auburn that holds significant history at the university and in the town. It is one of Auburn’s trademarks and is seen in almost every photo of Auburn. Samford lawn is extremely beautiful and a great place for people to picnic or post up and study in the beautiful weather. Samford Hall is known for its beauty and is a great place for photo opportunities. Outdoor weddings and other events have also been held on the lawn.
Hayden Sisk, a student who loves to take advantage of Samford lawn said, “There’s nothing I love more than studying and picnicking on Samford Hall Lawn. Especially in the spring when it’s beautiful and warm outside.”

3. Cater lawn
Cater lawn is another beautiful place out in front of a building on campus. It is a great spot to sit outside and do homework or read a book. It is the perfect outdoor venue for hosting Auburn affiliated organization events or fundraisers.

4. Town Creek Park & Kiesel Park
Both of these parks are good-sized dog parks perfect for your four legged friends! At these parks, you can take your dog to run around, swim or play fetch. These parks are full of open spaces, providing your dogs plenty of room to run wild and burn some energy. These are awesome parks to go to on a beautiful spring day with your dog.

5. Chewacla State Park
Chewacla is a state park located only a few minutes down the road from campus. It is beautifully filled with waterfalls and wildlife. Chewacla has ponds, lakes, and waterfalls, so it is a great place to go swimming. There are creeks with small sand beaches beside them providing an ideal way to cool off on a warm spring day. The park also features tons of walking and running trails and bike trails too! It is a majestic place to put up a hammock and kick back and relax for the day. You will want a whole day to spend at Chewacla!
These spots are just a few of the beautiful places in Auburn that will help you accomplish the most perfect spring day!

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