Strategizing Spring Break

This spring break is a big one. It’s my last ever spring break and rather than going on a fun and relaxing vacation, I will be spending it adulting.


My main goal over spring break is to have successful interviews and get a good idea of where I want to live post graduation.

The beginning of my spring break contains a baby shower and my birthday.

For the baby shower, my strategies include arriving on time and checking the registry to find the perfect gift. This is measurable because the registry includes things we know are wanted but also helps to determine which of the items have not yet been bought. Getting the perfect gift will make for a happy, soon-to-be mommy.


Next, my 22nd birthday will be on Monday, March 14. I will be in Birmingham for my birthday, so I am trying to organize the day to ensure a good time. First, I plan to sleep in and then have breakfast somewhere. After that, I will probably just hang around and enjoy a (hopefully) beautiful day. That evening I would love to go to dinner somewhere, maybe Carrigans or a brewery so that I will be able to also enjoy a cold beer or five with my family and my boyfriend. As a tactic for success, I have to go to bed semi-early so that I am ready for an early flight the next morning!


I will be flying out to St. Petersburg, FL on Tuesday morning with my mom and my boyfriend. This will be a short-lived trip but hopefully extremely productive. Here I have a few job interviews to go to as well as house hunting to do. For job interview success, I have done research on the companies I am meeting will and picked out outfits for the interviews. I will be prepped with knowledge of their backgrounds and a list of questions to ask as well. The ultimate goal here is to find a place where I feel I fit in and where they feel that I fit in. This will be determined by whether or not I receive an offer for a position of some sort.


Since we are still about two months out from graduation, and I am not sure whether I will have a job on lock yet, the main goal of house hunting on this trip is to just get a feel for location and things. We will do some looking at apartments and houses to determine a budget that I will be able to afford per month if/when I move. Ideally, this will be productive for us so that if I am offered a job then I will have a better idea of the area I want to find somewhere to live in and it will make it easier for us.

Finally, at the end of my spring break, two of my friends are getting married and are having what I assume will be an awesome wedding. My friends and I will carpool to the wedding and spend the night in town where the wedding is to ensure safety.


My spring break itinerary is extremely planned out with lots of strategies and tactics for success. Most all of my plans are measurable and it is to be determined whether or not they are successful. After spring break, it’s back to school and work. That is when I will start freaking out because I graduate in a little over a month.

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