Valentine Analysis: Analyzing the appropriate gifts and gestures for your Valentine based on status.

Valentines day is near and dear and it is time to figure out what to do for your valentine on this popular (or for some unpopular) hallmark day.  The perfect gift or gesture for love day all depends on what stage your relationship is in! So, I am going to do my absolute best to break it down for you and provide suggestions based on how long you two love birds have been together.

From a crush to a must: 0-6 months

These are the obvious early stages of a relationship. You want to do something sweet to show the person you care, but you don’t want to seem to crazy and clingy.

So, what should you do?

Maybe try to do something simple for this one like a card and his or her favorite candy. Flowers for a girl are always acceptable and appreciated. You could even do a home cooked meal and watch a movie as a nice gesture. I wouldn’t recommend spending more than $50 in this phase, because you’re just having fun and getting to know each other.

Some call it puppy love: 6-12 months

So, at this point you have stuck together for a little while now. You are pretty committed to doing your best to make this thing workout between the two of you. It’s a puppy love phase where you both think every little characteristic is so precious. It will pass…

What should you buy or do in this stage?

For your girl: At this point flowers are a must and probably a dinner date as well. Girls take those things pretty seriously in this phase. They want to know that you are thinking hard and putting in the effort to plan something special. An appropriate gift for her at this point might be a sweet-smelling perfume or maybe a nice piece of jewelry. Nothing too expensive, but a necklace or a bracelet would melt her heart.

For your guy: You could consider buying him his favorite cologne, or one that you would love for him to wear. Another great gift for him at this phase in the relationship would be a ticket to an event. A sporting event ticket to see a team that he loves or a concert ticket to see his favorite band would be perfect.

You two are old news: 1-3 years

Let’s face it. You two are doing great to have lasted this long, you must really love each other! Things are a lot more serious now, so you will want to make sure to get something super thoughtful for your loved one on Valentines Day. The two of you probably spend day after day together and live life simultaneously. It’s time to think of things that you know your valentine has wanted or needed for a long time. You know your other half so well at this point that there is no excuse for a lame gift.

Some things to think about:

·      What is his or her favorite hobby?

·      Are there any clothing items he or she wants or needs?

·      Is there something you two love doing together?

·      Is there a trip y’all have been dying to take together?

I think going in together on something and taking a fun trip would be an awesome gift to one another.

Valentines Day isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s an excuse to celebrate love for someone special. If you’re struggling for some advice on finding the perfect gift, I hope this has helped! Happy Valentines Day to you and yours…or you by yourself! XOXO

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